Tips for the Handyman On Air Conditioning Repair

Regardless of what kind of air conditioner you have, it’s important to understand how critical it is that you have regular maintain performed on your system. You’ll also want to remember that having your air conditioner repaired quickly when you have a problem with it will lead to a longer useful life for your system.

Postponing needed repairs, however, will almost always lead to bigger, and more expensive problems down the road. The reason you have an air conditioner in the first place is to keep your home cool, and comfortable isn’t it?. Sure it is. So you’ll want to take good care of it with regular maintenance, changing your air filters consistently, and not delaying repairs when needed. Also, if you’re an amateur handyman, like most men think they are, there will be some small, minor repairs you can do yourself. Following are a few tips for the amateur handyman who wants to try his hand at DIY air conditioning repair.

Clean Your Condensate Drains Out
Your air conditioning system should have come with a properly installed condensate drain line. It will be 3/4” PVC and it will lead to either a floor drain a small pump, referred to as a condensate pump. Your condensate drain serves to is to route the condensate (or water) produced by the evaporative coil that sits above your furnace. That is one of the main components of your air conditioning system. If you neglect keeping your condensate line clean, there is a good chance things like mold, and algae will begin to grow because of the stagnant moisture that will result from a clogged drain. Simply making it part of your homeowner maintenance routine will help you avoid a clogged drain line, and save you from a potentially air conditioning repair.

Change The Batteries Your Thermostat
Your thermostat allows you to set and control indoor temperature produced by your air conditioner, and keep the rooms inside your house at comfortable levels. There are lots of different types of thermostats, some of them with high-tech features that can save you money on your utility bills. If you start having a problem with your AC unit, always check your air filter first to make sure it has been changed recently. Then check the batteries in your thermostat, and if it’s been awhile, replace them as a precaution. Issues with your thermostat can lead to other problems that will require air conditioning repair. Make sure it is wired correctly, and that the fan in the condenser outside isn’t running when your furnace is running during the winter. Always perform a simple diagnostic check before calling for air conditioning repair service, and you could save yourself a lot of money.

Replacing the Filters
This is overwhelmingly the biggest culprit that leads to problems with air conditioning systems, and it’s such a simple thing to do! But most people neglect to take it seriously, and forget to change their air filters every month or two. Dirty air filters, or even worse, a completely clogged air filter, will choke off the airflow to your system. While the primary purpose of your air filter is to trap dirt and debris such as allergens to improve the quality of your indoor air, once it’s full of dust it’s can’t do it’s job properly and begins to rob your system of vital airflow. Not changing your air filter regularly is bad for the health of your air conditioner, and it’s also bad for the health of your family. You can find lots of DIY guides and videos on how to replace your air filter online.

Once you do all these checks, and you’re still having a problem, realize that sometimes you just have to call an air conditioning repair company, and have them fix your system. Trying to tackle major air conditioning repairs yourself is generally never a good idea.